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ink stained art, business, and gossip

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What this community is for:

1 - To ask other people who make comics how they do it and what materials they use.
2 - To ask questions about distribution methods and finding affordable and good printers.
3 - To discuss web based distribution and digital creation.
4 - To discuss the basics of page layouts and typesetting.
5 - To post pages or strips for general critique with a focus on sequential art as opposed to pinups.
6 - To announce new projects.
7 - Industry gossip. (And I don't mean whether superdude's new costume is dumb. There are places for fanboy gossip too.)
8 - Announce conventions (if you are a con looking for artists) or convention appearances.
9 - Job postings or submission calls

The posting of serial webcomics falls into other communities more than this one. Announcing them is fine, posting something for opinions because you have a question is fine...but posting every week (or however many times a week you post) just to post them isn't what this community is about. Please refrain from using this site for distribution. Try webcomics or one of the other communities that accept regular posts.

Please make all image posts as links or lj-cuts. The members have decided inline posting is not wanted.

writing_comics "A community for comic book writers who leave the art to the artists." - A good place to get tips specifically on writing comics, since this community is primarily about visual work and self publishing issues. Plus, they seem to be interested in the 'Great Green Lantern Debate'.

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