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Galactrix #1 at press and convention news

The Galactrix #1 is currently at the printer and should be ready for FetishCon. It's July 28-31st in Tampa, Florida. I'll be premiering the book there with the book's model - Akira Lane.

I've purchased my airfare to Tampa for the show, so everything's a go. I'll be sharing a booth with April Hunter there. It will be the first time April and I have attended the show and we have no idea what to expect. I've been told I might not sell a lot of books, but I'll come away with tons of new connections and possibly new models for whom I can write comic books. I may take part in some photo shoots there and I'm going to try to wiggle my way into a Q&A session with erotica writers. Wish me luck. Isobel Wren, the model for Tentacle Love, will also be there.

I'm also confirmed for Flashback Weekend August 12-14th in Chicago. There's a good chance April will be there, and I know that Michelle Shields, the model for Shadow Woman, will be there. I hope to have Shadow Woman #1 ready for the show. It's the same weekend as Wizard Chicago, but Flashback Weekend is a much better show. It's better organized, cheaper, and the general vibe there is a lot more fun. If you must attend Wizard Chicago, please come across the street to the Crowne Plaza hotel and see what a fun show is.

I also plan on attending GlamourCon in Chicago August 8th. My friend Taylor Wane is going to be there so I plan on going there to catch up with her.

I've updated the Pickle Press website for this month. If you're an artist and looking for work, check out the "Titles" page and look for upcoming projects that need pencils and inks.

Stay tuned for more. Thanks for supporting indie comics
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