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STEVE NILES: Greatest Hits!

Released earlier today at CBR (a well-known comic news website) in an article called "30 DAYS OF SPITE" was an audio compilation of the 16 threatening messages that Steve Niles left on my voicemail.

As the article mentions, it turns out that other industry professionals are "outing" Niles for his crude behavior, including Don Murphy, producer of the new TRANSFORMERS movie. You can see a similar post in Don's message boards HERE.

The article also links to a page where you can hear the threatening messages. However, since they're already out and available, I've decided to offer them right here for your listening pleasure.

Click this link to hear a 2 minute Quicktime audio clip.
You can also right click and save it to your hard drive, if you'd like.

These messages have been edited down in the interest of time and space. Originally, these messages were over 25 minutes long. So what you have here are the highlights. As you'll hear, it's pretty straightforward, and no creative editing has been used to make it something it isn't. If you've never believed how harsh these messages were before, you'll believe it now, crystal clear.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
(No, this temper tantrum picture is not meant to be a visual of Steve accompanying his audio.
This is just another one of the illustrations I did for his fake graphic novel,
while he was really just putting the moves on my girl.)

So, many of you may be confused. What the heck is Steve so upset about? Didn't he successfully get the girl right from under my nose? Why the hostility? To tell you the truth, I'm confused, too. I haven't done anything to spark any of this. I have never called the guy any names, nor have I made any threats on my part. Perhaps his violent nature is really just an outburst from his own insecurities, both personal and professional.

Anyway, there have been a lot of funny articles, columns, and message boards on the matter. It's been on THE BEAT, PULSE... Heck, even on Ben Templesmith's message boards. Steve Niles even had a vague post about it in his own forum, but as soon as people started to figure what the situation really was, and the fact that folks are catching on to his lies, he nixed the whole thing. However, here's one of the most entertaining: You have to see these hilarious photos of us at And in case you can't get the above Quicktime file to work, here's a link to the audio clip placed online by CBR.

Don't feel like downloading the audio file? Transcriptions behind the cut!

In case you can't decipher what Steve is saying (the audio file isn't the best recording), here are some transcriptions of what you are hearing.

"Hey Dick, you there? Okay you faggot! Matt! This is Steve! Be a fucking man, and fucking call me! Okay?! You little dickless fuck!"

"I know I'm in love with Sarah. And, I'm really sorry that that fucks with your plans."

"So listen you little faggot, I'm coming after you with everything I fucking got, you fucking asshole! You got that?! Faggot!"

"And you're making me talk on a fucking message... FUCK! Man, you are in trouble. Fucking pussy."

"You little faggot piece of shit, you know what? I'm here! I'm in fucking Detroit! I'm in Michigan. Let's meet up. Okay, fucker?! And I also, I know where you fucking live! Do you want me to come over...?"

"I'll fucking come after you from every angle."

"I think I can get on the bill for the Pittsburgh show. Maybe I can meet you there. I can get on the bill for a lot of shows, pretty easily, if I want to, and just get flown out there."

"She said she's in love with me. End of fucking story. Deal with it!"

"So go trace your pictures of fucking Luke Skywalker, and just remember you're a fucking little wormy asshole."

"You little, dick, bald, fuck!"

"And your pathetic blog. 'Sawah left me. Oh boo hoo, evwybody look at me, I'm on the floor crying...'"

"I guess the next time we'll run into each other is at World Horror, which is coming up. And you've got an enemy now."

"So that's definitely where all my friends go. You know. I can't imagine there will be a lot of Star Wars geeks there. (laughs) So... I don't have time for little pussy boys. Bye."

Some of you may think it's unprofessional of me to post about this. The truth is, I need to PROTECT myself, both physically and professionally. And my hope is that some of you can get wisdom from this, as I wouldn't wish this drama on anyone.
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